InDesign and Text Wrap

InDesign and Text Wrap... It's easy to apply a text wrap in InDesign isn't it? Is it? Yes it is but making it look good is another matter. In this post we'll take a look at not only how to make a wrap but how to make one look good starting with the basics of placing an image and wrapping text through to editing the wrap itself. So what makes a good wrap?... Flexibiliy and making sure your offset has the right Read More

Adobe Acrobat DC Training

Adobe Acrobat DC Training An Acrobat DC Training overview has now been added to the website. Held as an Introduction to Acrobat this particular Acrobat Course gives you a broad overview of the capabilities of the software and its uses. You will learn how to create PDF's from scratch both inside the software and generated from externals such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign.  Adobe Acrobat DC Course Content Working in Read More

Adobe InDesign 2019 - New Features

Adobe InDesign 2019 So, its been out a few weeks and we've now run a number of InDesign Training Courses in it and the verdict - InDesign 2019 rocks. It's not so much the big changes that make a difference but the smaller ones. Like for example its Layout Features InDesign 2019 Layout Panel In this new panel (part of the new Properties) you can make page size changes to a document at any stage in its development. These Read More

Why an InDesign Course and not Photoshop?

Why InDesign not Photoshop?  Aren't they one and the same and which one is best? It's not a matter of which one is best but which one is right for you. It's that simple. It is true you can use Photoshop to create materials such as flyers, banners and documents and there's no doubt how powerful a tool it really is. However it's major strength and reason for living is photo editing -that was what it was born to Read More

Adobe InDesign Training - Quick Tip

InDesign Training - Quick Tip, Live Distribute... All the Adobe InDesign Training Courses are full of quick and easy shortcuts to help streamline your workflow and make your working day both quicker and easier. So we thought it might be an idea to include some of the more obscure but hugely popular shortcuts that make up the Adobe Courses, starting with InDesign.  Trainer Greta Powell is currently posting a number of quick tips over Read More