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InDesign and Photoshop Course Content... 

Onsite InDesign and Photoshop Training held in Cirencester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Bishops Cleeve and the whole Gloucestershire region. Learn how to produce rich colourful images in Photoshop then import them into InDesign to make professional layouts. These Adobe Courses in InDesign and Photoshop are suitable for both individuals and companies and can be held at your offices or home. 

InDesign and Photoshop Training Course - what you learn...

You learn to take control of the software to build fluid professional documentation using Photoshop to enhance and beautify your images then take them across into InDesign.  The InDesign training will show how to edit and work with existing documents and to create and design new ones including tenders, manuals, flyers, brochures etc.  The Adobe course overview shown below gives a general idea of content but is not cast in stone, elements can be removed or added as required by you.  You will the skills and techniques needed to produce effective and highly visual professional literature and to work with both InDesign and Photoshop quickly and effectively.  

InDesign and Photoshop Refresher Training & Workshops...

These courses can alos be adapted for those who have some previous experience with the software but could benefit from some Adobe Refresher Training or specialised workshops.  For a no obligation informal chat drop us an email and we will get one of our Adobe trainers to give you a call at a mutually convenient time to discuss individual content.

Photoshop & InDesign Training Prices...

First delegate £275.00 per day
Second and subsequent delegates £75.00 per person per day
Laptop Hire for up to 8 persons £25.00 per computer prer day
*Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred

Photoshop Introduction Course Overview...

This Photoshop Introduction Course will give you the skills need to produce high quality images for either print or the web.  The following training is not cast in stone - just get in touch to discuss how the content can be tailored to create your own bespoke Photoshop Course.  This introduction course takes you beyondPhotoshop Basics and shows how to manipulate, designe and create professional beautiful images . 

Photoshop Introduction Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images

Photoshop Interface
None Destructive Workflow

Control Bar
Photoshop Panels
Photoshop Techniques

Clone Tool (remove or replace part/s of an image
Healing Brush (fix damages to part or whole of image)
Red Eye Removal
Content Aware Fill

Photoshop Precise Positioning Photoshop Layers

Grids / Guides / Rulers
Print v Pixel
Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
Transformation Tools
Working with Crop Tool

Understanding Layers
Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
Merging & Flattening Layers
Layer Palette
Fill Layers
Adjustment Layers

Photoshop Practicalities Photoshop Colour

Working with Multiple Images
Understand different Image Modes
Photoshop Keystrokes
Working with Views
Window >Arrange
Window >Workspace
Image Formats

Working with Colour
Colour Modes
Colour Harmony
Colour Replacement Brush
Hue and Saturation
Colour Balance
Black and White Mode

Photoshop Filters Photoshop Brushes

Filter Gallery
Oil Paint
Vanishing Point

Working with Brushes
Creating Brushes
Brush Tool & Mixer Brush
Brush Presets

Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques Photoshop Automation

Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand,
Feathering Selections
Expanding / Reducing Selections
Modifying / Transforming Selections
Quick Masks
Save / Load a Selection

Contact Sheets
Batch Processing
Photoshop Merge & Panoramics
Blending Panoramas
Editing Panoramas
Automation Options

Photoshop Masking Photoshop Roundtripping

Quick Masks
Quick Mask Mode
Creating Accurate Masks
Adding to & Removing from a Mask

Placing Photoshop files in DTP software
Editing Photoshop Files
Save / Load a Selection

Photoshop Type Photoshop Colour

Creating Type
Editing Type
Type Masks
Type & FX Effects
Shaping Type
Type & Good Design

Colour Palettes
Colour Models, CMYK, RGB, LAB
Gradients, creating & editing
Mixing & matching Colour
Pantones & Spot Colours
Colour Profiles

InDesign Training Course Outline...

Getting started with InDesign
Creating and saving a document
New document setup
Tools / panels
Document navigation

Placing images
Editing images / graphic frames
Image formats
Graphic frames

Tab Handling
Tab palette
Tab characters
Editing tabs
Adding leaders

Colour Panels
Working with Colour
Colour Modes
Colour Swatches
Changing / Matching Colour
Understanding Colour

Smart Layout
Grids & Guides
Smart Guides
Align & Distribute Objects
Rulers (Zero Point), 

Text frames
Formatting Text frames
Text frame properties
Text frame – multi column setup
Aligning to Grids

Placing External Text (Word, RTF)
Paragraph & Character Formatting
Typography & Layout /Tracking /Kerning /Leading
Create Outlines
Accurate Type for Print
Baseline Grid / Grid Properties
Align to Baseline Grid /Align First Line


Bullet Points 
Customising Bullet Points
Adding Leaders
Adjusting Spacing 
Setting Bullets as Styles
Creating Nested Bullet Styles
Applying Character Colour /Style to Bullets

Placing & Importing Images
Resizing, Rotating, Adjusting Images
Working with Photoshop Images
Positioning Images in Layouts
Working with Multiple Images

Object Graphic Styles
Designing Graphic Styles
Adding to Object Graphic Styles Panel
Editing Object Graphic Styles
Graphic Styles to Frames
Saving /Importing /Editing

Type & Images
Working with Text & Images
Working with Text Wrap
Clipping Paths
Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
Text Insets

Preflight & Package
Export (print) to .PDF

Onsite InDesign and Photoshop Training Courses in Gloucestershire including Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester, Bishops Cleeves and all towns in the surrounding area of Glous.

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Photoshop & InDesign

Learn how to:

Enhance & Retouch Images...

Give images extra pop...

Add & Manipulate Colour...

Make Accurate Selections...

Work with Image Size and Resolution...

Create Basic Masks...

Prepare Artwork for Print...

Create Layouts...

Work with Pages...

Add Text & Images...

Use Colour Harmony...

Work with Type...

Wrap Text & Graphics...

Create flyers, manuals, tenders, brochures and various layouts...

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Adobe InDesign Training..

Thank you for the two wonderful days you did with the students.  They learnt a lot and they really could not praise you enough.

David McMahon
Director of Photography & Imaging
Biological Photography & Imagining MSc, BSc

University of Nottingham 

InDesign Training...

Very informative course that covered all the relevant topics we needed.  It will make producing our bid tender documentation much more straightforward.  A freindly and helpful trainer.

Helen Jones, Ass Design Manager,

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