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Adobe InDesign Course Overview...

The Adobe InDesign Training can be held onsite at your location or can be run from our venue in Nottingham. Our onsite training can be run across most of the UK for individuals and for closed company groups.  This beginners course is suitable for those with little to no experience in InDesign and would suit those looking to get a firm grip with the software

Adobe InDesign Training - What you Learn on this...

By the end of the training you will have the skills to produce a number of different layouts including flyers, newsletters, marketing materials.  The course is ideal for anyone from a number of disciplines who are looking to bring their design and layout inhouse.  Over the day you will be working very hands on and be producing a range of documents including, flyers, brochures, tenders and reports.  

InDesign Course Fees..

Prices onsite per day
All prices INCLUSIVE of VAT
Standard rate for one person is £275.00 per day
Second /Subsequent Persons are £75.00 per person per day

Laptop hire is available if required at £25.00 per computer per day

Adobe InDesign Course Overview...

The Adobe InDesign Introduction Course Overview can be viewed below.  We specialise in customised Adobe Training Courses so this InDesign Course can be combined with any of our other Adobe Training Courses.

The InDesign Course could be combined with the Photoshop Course content for an overview of both new features or as an Introduction to the Creative Suite Course....    

InDesign Training Course Outline...

Getting started with InDesign
Creating and saving a document
New document setup
Tools / panels
Document navigation

Placing images
Editing images / graphic frames
Image formats
Graphic frames

Tab Handling
Tab palette
Tab characters
Editing tabs
Adding leaders

Colour Panels
Working with Colour
Colour Modes
Colour Swatches
Changing / Matching Colour
Understanding Colour

Smart Layout
Grids & Guides
Smart Guides
Align & Distribute Objects
Rulers (Zero Point), 

Text frames
Formatting Text frames
Text frame properties
Text frame – multi column setup
Aligning to Grids

Placing External Text (Word, RTF)
Paragraph & Character Formatting
Typography & Layout
Create Outlines
Accurate Type for Print
Baseline Grid
Align to Baseline Grid /Align First Line
Grid Properties
Tracking /Kerning /Leading
Working with Rules /above /below
Handling Long Text Frames

InDesign CS6 New Features

Copy & Paste HTML 
Copy Code from Twitter
Frame Size & Poster Image
Alternative Layout - Liquid Disply
Design for Mobile Devices
Horizontal & Vertical Layouts
Flexible Column Widths in Frames
Autosize Text Frames
Content Collector Tool
Content Collector Tool Panel

Align to Object

Placing & Importing Images
Resizing, Rotating, Adjusting Images
Working with Photoshop Images
Positioning Images in Layouts
Working with Multiple Images

Object Graphic Styles
Designing Graphic Styles
Adding to Object Graphic Styles Panel
Editing Object Graphic Styles
Graphic Styles to Frames
Saving /Importing /Editing

Type & Images
Working with Text & Images
Working with Text Wrap
Clipping Paths
Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
Text Insets

Preflight & Package
Export (print) to .PDF

We are Midlands based so depending on your location in the UK travel expenses may be incurred. 

The above price includes 6 months post course support.  We like to build rapport with our clients so any Adobe Indesign Beginners course post support would be held directly with the Adobe Indesign trainer who delivered the course/s.  It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials.

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InDesign Course Testimonials


Adobe InDesign Training..

Thank you for the two wonderful days you did with the students.  They learnt a lot and they really could not praise you enough.

David McMahon
Director of Photography  & Imaging
Biological Photography & Imaging MSc, BSc
University of Nottingham


InDesign Bespoke Training...

The InDesign Course was customised to cover the aspects of design specific to our own forms.  Using actual examples of our products meant that we learned a lot about how to go about this work.  It highlighted several areas where productivity can be improved.

A extremely interesting and useful InDesign Course.  Thank you.

John Gill 
Team Manager
Home Office



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