Advanced InDesign Techniques Training...

Advanced InDesign Techniques Training Course...

Our Advanced InDesign Techniques Training Course focuses on working and controlling documents containing heavy text content.  It shows how to control text using advanced and nested styles, insert page numbers and section breaks, work with advanced layouts (grids, alternative & liquid layouts) and to work with the data merge feature importing both graphics and text fields from external sources.

This Advanced InDesign Techniques training is great for those already familiar with working in InDesign but need to get a firm grip of its more advanced features for long documents, such as books, mailed newsletters, brochures and so forth.

This Advanced InDesign Training Course is geared to producing consistently styled and professional documents for print or digital using styles, TOC's and InDesign's DataMerge.

Advanced InDesign Techniques Pricing...

Onsite Training
Standard rate for one person £275.00 per day
Second / Subsequent persons £75.00 per person per day
all prices inc of VAT
Laptop Hire £25.00 per machine per day

Advanced InDesign Course Duration...

This course takes 2 days.

What will you learn to do?...

By the end of the InDesign Course you will be able to work with large InDesign files and make them look polished and professional.  Equipped with these techniques your workflow will speed up by working with external files and data, incorporating TOC's, Indexes, Cross Referencing then exporting across to print or digital (ePubs, PDF) output or conduct an advanced data merge to connect with Excel or other data bases.

Advanced InDesign Techniques

 InDesign Master Pages
Work with Multiple Masters
Work with Automatic Text Boxes
Use Master Pages for DataMerge Records
Master Page options

InDesign Table of Contents
Generating TOC's
Working with TOC's
Styling TOC's using character & paragraph styles
Updating TOC's in single document & / or Book

InDesign Styles
Advanced Styles
Nested Styles
Working with Styles & CC Libraries
Import Styles 
Map Styles for HTML, PDF Export

InDesign Page Numbering
Section Breaks & Page Numbering
Page Numbering & Section Options
Page Numbering across Books
Updating & Styling Numbering
Dynamic Jumps across Stories

InDesign Long Documents
Creating / Editing TOC's
Applying Independent Styles to TOC's
Indexing, Creating /Editing / Updating Indexes 
Hyperlinks & Cross References
Text Variables 

InDesign Book Panel
Working with Book Panel
Using Book Panel for Multiple Output
Generating TOC's across Multiple Files
Book & Chapter Options
Synchronising Book Chapters, Styles & Colours 

InDesign & DataMerge
Understanding the Merge Feature
Importing data from Excel, Databases etc
Inserting Data Fields
Work with Data Sources
Content Placement
Multiple Records
Importing Graphic Sources 

InDesign & Photoshop Roundtripping
Working with Images
Retouching Images
Understanding Linked & Embedded Files
Combining Photoshop with InDesign 
Images and Data Merge Options
PDF / Illustrator Images
Transparency Considerations

InDesign Advanced Layouts
Live Distribution
Liquid Layouts
Liquid Rules
Alternative Layouts
Alignment in Layouts
Gridify for multiple placements

InDesign Importing External Content
Importing Word & Excel Content
Importing Styles from Microsoft Content
Retaining or Removing Styles
Working with Style Conflicts
Import Options
Importing Text & RTF

Type & Images
Working with Text & Images
Working with Text Wrap
Removing Backgrounds for Text Wrap
Text Insets

InDesign Print & Export
Preflight & Package
Export to .PDF
Export to HTML & PDF

Prices for Advanced InDesign Techniques Training - onsite per day
All prices INCLUSIVE of VAT
Standard rate for one person is £275.00 all inclusive per person per day
A second / subsequent persons £75.00 all inclusive per person per day

The above price includes post course support Adobe Indesign trainer who delivered your training.  

Advanced Adobe InDesign Training Courses for long documents run onsite for companies and individuals organised around the UK.

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Advanced InDesign Techniques...

Make working with long documents easy by incorporating the techniques learnt on this training course.

We show you how to streamline long documents by using:

Master Pages

Automatic Text Boxes



Book Panel

Data Merge

Importing Microsoft Data

Exporting to Print, PDF & Digital

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